ACT stands for: "Awareness," "Communicate," "Together"

Self-Care and Management

We will do everything in our power to make your summer with us the best that it can be, and hopefully, an experience you’ll never forget. But let’s face it, living and working together can be challenging, and we know that there are a myriad of situations that can affect your day-to-day sense of well-being. Your social life will be your work life, and we will nevertheless expect you to maintain healthy relationships and be respectful of each other at all times.

Communication is key, but the good kind — please be aware that the vibe you give off will affect your coworkers, and potentially the overall mood of camp. We require that gossiping and complaining are kept to a minimum, even if it takes all your patience to wait and speak with someone who can help you fix things, e.g. your leadership team, or the Directors of camp. It may sound like a cliché, but everyone has been there; between Jacqui’s over forty years with Ouareau, and Gab’s over fifteen years on staff, trust that they are equipped and willing to deal with anything!

For your well-being, and that of everyone who you’ll be getting to know very well this summer, here’s our system: It’s called A.C.T. because before we can make helping you a priority, we need to know that there’s a problem or situation - you need to take action before we can do anything!

A: Be AWARE that you are experiencing difficulties. Doesn't have to be big, just has to be bothering you.

C: COMMUNICATE your concern to someone who can help. If necessary, make an appointment to talk about it with a leadership team member or Jacqui/Gabrielle; if it's urgent, let them know ASAP.

T: TOGETHER find a solution to your problem.

Sounds easy, right? The fact is, just knowing that someone is on your side and cares may relieve some of the pressure. At this point, we are responsible for helping you, because you were responsible enough to come forward.

Please remember: this applies to any situation. If you have doubts about one of our rules...if you’ve been having stomach aches... if you’re feeling shut out by a friend... If it’s making your experience with us less than great, it is your responsibility to, ACT on it and together we can find a solution!