Activities at Ouareau

Choose your own activities: A personalized Schedule

Camp has four activity periods per day. Many of the activities have achievement-based levels giving campers the option of challenging themselves without competing against their peers. We encourage campers to set goals for their session at camp, and choose activities based on these goals.

Campers change their activity schedule every three days. Each camper chooses six activity options, and lists them in order of preference. From this, they are assigned a daily activity schedule. Swim classes are available at the request of parents, up to Red Cross level 10. Language classes (“Understand”, “Speak” & “Extended”) are assigned to campers until their French and English are evaluated to be functional for daily camp life.

 Activities offered: language; pottery; arts; hebertism; archery; basketball; cross-train; sail; kayak; drama; dance; leadership; tennis; climb; survival; swim; canoe; windsurf