# A Camper's POV (part one)

One of my favourite places at camp are the stairs that lead up to the dining room. They can be a stage to entertain campers before they go in for their meal, a cozy setting to speak with someone who needs a bit of one on one time, or the coolest of hangout spots during cultiva.

They are also very close to the promise of lunch. I really like lunch.

Last summer, we lent some of our campers a camera. We asked them to go about camp, and to take pictures of whatever it is they wanted to take a photo of and to tell us why.

I thought I would learn about their favourites places at camp. 

Instead, they told us about camp itself. What makes it beautiful, what makes it memorable, and what makes it theirs.

Here are some of their words* and images.

- émilie

*Hover your mouse over the image to see how they described the images.



About the author: Émilie's been working at camp since 2006 and is currently the media coordinator at the Montreal Ouareau Office. She loves singing really loudly on her bicycle and brushing her hair before she goes to sleep. She's also really enjoying speaking of herself in the third person.