Home Cookin'

 At Ouareau, meals are served "family style" around the table. Fun, food, and friends all in one!

Campers Rave about our food!

When campers return home, they usually talk about two things:
their newfound FRIENDSHIPS, and the amazing FOOD they have eaten.

Not only is the food delicious, but the dining room atmosphere is intentionally created for language learning, friendship making, and most importantly – fun! Meals are served at the table "family style" (where food is brought to the table and served by the staff, unlike a cafeteria), but campers eat with a mix of campers their own age, not necessarily their bunkmates, giving them an opportunity to meet and converse with new people every week. They sit alternating by first language, with an Anglophone sitting between two Francophones, so that conversation is encouraged to unfold in the Language of the Day. Our dining room is a fun and exciting experience, with tables breaking out into songs and games.


  • Our chef: Joe Morselli has been cooking at Ouareau since 1998, and his meals have become legendary. He believes in the value of home-cooked meals, and prepares fresh bread every morning.
  • Our famous meals: While we do have a wide range of summer camp favourites, we also have some specialties that Ouareau is known for, for instance, the daily variety on the salad bar, or our Sunday cinnamon "Sticky Buns!"
  • Our first night: On the first night at camp, dinner includes pizza on a hand-made crust, salad bar, and some tasty fruits for dessert!
  • Our options: Whether you're vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or a particular eater, there are always options available for every meal. Special dietary restrictions may be accommodated – click here to ask a question about your daughter's needs!