August 26th - 28th, 2016

From 3pm to 3pm

We are so happy to invite you back to camp!

In order for as many people to be able to attend as possible, we are offering a reduced rate for Ouareau girls who may wish to avail themselves of it. A part time work option is also available, and all taxes are included in the prices.

Don't hesitate to contact with any questions!

Children & partners welcome! Kids 0- 12 can attend at a reduced price!

Please note that we ask alumnae to register individually, even if they are part of a group (non including family members), in order to help us keep track of finances and individual information. All members of your group must have registered & completed payment by June 1st in order for us to ensure all of your places. Thanks for your help!

Personal Information
Name *
Primary phone
Primary phone
Family: Please list all of the family members accompanying you here.
Please include yourself in this list. Feel free to add any information we should be made aware of before their arrival at camp.
Groups: If you are registering as part of a group, please write down the other members of your party
Please remember that all individual group members that you are not paying for must register individually.
Feel free to add any information we should be made aware of before you and your group's arrival at camp. Please note that all members of your group MUST register before June 1st.
Accommodations & Billing
All packages include a welcome package and the dvd of the reunion
Please note, many cabins & tents have changed spots. If you did have a preference, please write it here and we will do our best to accommodate you, on a first come first serve basis!
WEEKEND PACKAGES: friday, august 26th, 15h to sunday august 28th, 15h
These packages include meals, accommodations, welcoming gifts and the dvd of the reunion.
Does not quite cover your stay at camp, but means we get to enjoy your presence at the reunion!
Covers exactly your stay at camp - to help us with other projects, feel free to make a donation!
meal packages: do not include accommodations
These are day packages for people who do not wish to attend for the whole weekend.
If you are choosing a meal package, please indicate which day(s) you will be attending.
Don't forget to indicate which day you intend on coming above.
All donations go towards The Learning Center, the new Health Center and Camper Funding. Please note we are currently unable to issue tax receipts.
In canadian dollars
Please write down the total amount of your registration
An invoice will be sent out to you by email within a week to confirm payment & registration.
I have read & accept the Terms & Conditions of Camp Ouareau. *
For a formal and complete version, please see link at the bottom of the page!
Are you coming with your sister? Spouse? Then they must sign here too! Your name and theirs in this field consists of a signature binding you to our terms and conditions!

Terms & Conditions