3. Use the following guidelines to help you complete your job-specific application


RESOURCE STAFF/CREW: June 14th-August 19th
ASSISTANT HEAD: June 14th-August 19th
ACTIVITY HEAD: June 9th- August 19th
LEADERSHIP TEAM: June 1st-August 21st



A. Choose a creative project that expresses your passion for Ouareau.

B. Write a short written introduction to your project explaining what you chose to create.

C. Upload application below.

(Past projects have included: short films, Tumblr pages, flashmobs, lipdubs, art pieces, etc.)



A. Upload a document (ie. PDF) with a list of the positions that you’d like to apply for.

B.  Answer the following questions with your top choice in mind.

1-What makes you interested in these jobs?

2-Imagine yourself in charge at this activity. Please tell us how you would run a period (beginning, middle, and end). How would you introduce rules? What are campers doing? What are staff doing?


A. Get in touch with us to talk about the job(s) you’re most interested in and to learn a little bit more about the roles and responsibilities of each position!

B. Complete an application for the job that you are applying for.

(This application will be discussed in your meeting with our staff hiring team)


A. Upload a document (ie. PDF) with a list of some of the jobs that you think you might enjoy at camp.

B. Why do you enjoy those jobs?

C. List tasks that you enjoy the most at camp and why.

D. Tell us what challenges, you, what makes you grow, and what you feel that you excel in.

E. From there, we can figure out together where you'll fit best!

*I understand that by applying for a resource staff position, I will be a part of the crew team (ie: Maintenance/ Kitchen/Caring for Amylia) for a minimum of two weeks.

*If applying for a one month position, you will be part of the crew team for two weeks, as well as a camp counsellor for two weeks. If applying as resource staff for the full summer, you will be a camp counsellor for four weeks, as well as part of the crew team for four weeks.


We can only hire people for one month if we have equal numbers if July-Month and August-Month staff. This allows our staff numbers to remain the same throughout the summer. Month staff must do the same number of training hours as full summer staff. 

Please note: The month program is only available to returning staff for resource/crew, as well as Assistant/Activity Heads.