Where do I live?

Campers sleep in Yukon tents and wooden cabins surrounded by trees. Camper cabins and tents do not have any electricity, to maintain their closeness to nature. Living spaces are equipped with camp beds and shelving for each camper, and space for some items to be hung up on hangers. Cabins are traditional in style, and designed to fit in with the rustic beauty of the campsite. They have screen windows and are usually built for four or six campers. The waterproof tents are pitched over wooden platforms raised from the ground, and are made of industrial canvas. One of the best parts of living in a tent is listening to the raindrops on the roof, or rolling up the tent walls to catch a breeze on a hot day. Tents are built for four campers.

To allow our girls a sense of independence, while giving them a chance to experience community living, counsellors at Ouareau sleep in nearby cabins instead of in the same space as their campers. At nighttime, a team of staff walk around the camp until the girls have fallen asleep. Counsellor cabins are close enough that they can hear whispers from the campers next door, and if a camper needs anything during the night, they can go to a staff cabin.

Bring a friend, make a friend

Sometimes it's easier to come to a new environment with a friend already in tow – we get it! But Ouareau is also a wonderful place to make new friends; where you can cross the language barrier and meet people who have similar interests or who might introduce you to something you never knew you could love. To encourage the mixing and mingling of all our campers, we recommend that if you are coming to Ouareau with a friend, you don't necessarily request to live in the same bunk with them. You could instead request to live in nearby bunks, be in the same "group" and share counsellors, or you could sit at the same table in the dining room, or even ask to share a couple of activity periods in a day. That way, you get to spend part of your day with your friend from home, but take the opportunity to make a bunch of new friends through the rest of your time at camp!