Under-18 Off-Camp Waiver

Explanation for parents:

All of the staff members at Ouareau will have one day off during staff training, three days off during July Camp, and three days off during August camp. They choose their July & August time off at least one week prior to their day off. Their time off starts the night before their chosen day, after their unit head has let them off duty after their campers’ snack-time, and is over the morning after their day off. They must return to camp ready to work at the morning staff meeting.

As well, they are off from July 24th at approximately 11:00am until July 26th at 4:00pm for mid-camp; they must be back ready to work by 4:00pm. All staff members are responsible for their own transportation to and from camp for their time off. We try as much as possible to supply our staff members with a ride to and from Saint-Donat with one of our camp vehicles and one of our staff drivers. All staff that drive Camp Ouareau vehicles must be over 25 with a valid driver’s license that we have verified.

Our intent is to ensure, to the best of our abilities, the care and safety of our staff members at all times, in all settings. Therefore, it is our hope that families of Ouareau underage staff will discuss time off and travel plans, particularly as they pertain to vehicles that are not owned and operated by Camp Ouareau.

Secondly, we have a few staff and CITs who like to go running or biking during their time off on neighbouring routes and along the highway. There are a few risks to these exercises that we feel are important to inform our staff, CITs & parents of. Some of these risks include: animals, cars/other vehicles, getting lost, lack of cell-phone reception, etc.

Camp Ouareau can only assume responsibility for:

  • Showing all CITs and staff the safe running routes (accessible only by highway 125)
  • Advising all CITs and staff to use our sign-out/sign-in system

Camp Ouareau cannot provide:

  • Supervision for staff or CITs during their exercises
  • A guarantee that there will be other staff members or CITs on the routes at the same time as your daughter – however, we do advise all members of the summer team to run in pairs or groups

CITs and staff can also run on the Cross-Training route, starting at Jacqui's house, down the gully, up the Hebertism stairs, and on the tennis courts.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding in this important camp policy

The form below is designed to establish that Camp Ouareau’s staff members have permission from their parents or guardians regarding their ability to leave camp during their time off. For clarity’s sake, we have divided up the different levels of permission into checkboxes; if any of these are unclear, please contact us at the camp office (819-424-2662)

My daughter's name: *
My daughter's name:
I give permission for my daughter to leave Camp Ouareau property by the following methods:
I am aware of the inherent risks that come with running or biking off of camp property. In consideration of permitting my child to leave the Camp Ouareau property in accordance with this permission, I hereby release Camp Ouareau Inc. and all members of its staff from, and agree to indemnify them against, any claim for damages for or arising out harm that my child may sustain while away from the Camp Ouareau property.
As a staff member at Camp Ouareau, I agree to abide by the terms of this waiver and agree to inform the Leadership Team of my intentions for my time off if I choose to leave camp property.
Date *