Partnering with Parents

Giving you peace of mind is an important part of a successful camp experience. We know that trust must be earned – that is why we like to work with our parents before, during, and after camp. We want you to feel as though we have all the bases covered, all the i's dotted and t's crossed, and we understand that the best way to do that is through a close partnership with parents throughout the camp experience. That's why we have a dedicated directorial team available to answer your questions and take care of the details, because it's the little things that make the biggest difference at camp!



Jacqui recently celebrated her 40th year at Ouareau, and as Executive Director maintains a strong hands-on involvement in the day-to-day running of camp. She's always available to spend time on the phone with a parent to talk over their questions about camp!



Our Communications & Community Coordinator, Émilie’s passion is working with girls while providing them with the tools to navigate today’s society in and out of camp. She's also not too shabby as the editor of our camp videos.



Our registration process would be a shambles if it wasn't for Candice! She's got a masterful handle on all of the organization in the main office, and is ready to field any question you might have about registration and fees.



If you're looking for inspiration in girl empowerment, team building, or leadership, look no further than Director Gabz. She takes the lead in our staff hiring and training, and guides the daily problem-solving opportunities among staff and campers alike.


Families receive a detailed guide to camp, as well as a series of email newsletters that contain helpful tips & tricks to let you get to know camp before you arrive at camp.
Jacqui and Candice at the main office are both fountains of knowledge and are more than happy to chat about any of your questions.


We call all first-year camp families to talk about the progress of their child. Ouareau has a service that allows you to send e-mails that we print and deliver daily to the campers. Campers can also send a hand-written note – that we scan and e-mail to you – once a week.


We send all of our campers a keepsake package where they’ll find their activity awards, camp photos on a DVD, messages from their counsellors and peers, and a picture of their bunkmates. This allows campers to show and share their camp experience with everyone!

Ouareau parents say...

"I didn't know anything about Ouareau, really, but from the very first moment we arrived, I thought to myself, 'This is exactly what a summer camp should be. It's like in the movies!' We could already feel the warmth, watching the staff welcoming the campers. We really felt like they wanted to have fun with them."
          –Robert Quintal, Ouareau Dad since 2008

"Maya came back from her first year at camp and... there was something so profound about the change that had happened in her... and it was partly about being more independent and more autonomous, but it was also just some sort of self confidence..."
          –Liz Warwick, Ouareau Mom since 2008

Camp Guide 2015

Looking for more information on camp? You can download our camp guide for 2015 here: