Representing Camp Ouareau
in a professional way

For over 90 years, Camp Ouareau has worked diligently towards the positive reputation it presently upholds. As a Camp Ouareau staff member, you are now part of a long line of ambassadors who have helped maintain Ouareau’s strong reputation.


Our main clients are Camper-Clients, who are any individuals who have attended Ouareau this season or in the past and are still eligible to attend camp as campers or in our Counsellor-In-Training (CIT) Program. At the end of the season when a Camper-Client has either completed the CIT Program or was eligible by age for the program she is no longer considered a Camper-Client.

Another type of client at Ouareau are adults: Women’s Weekend & Special Events Clients. NOTE: if any of these clients are under the age of majority staff may not contact them unless they have permission from Camp Ouareau. These are individuals who have attended any of our programs during the off-season, such as open-house picnics, weddings, Women’s Weekends and camp reunions, etc.


  • Internet: Staff are not permitted to have contact with or be contacted by Camper-Clients through the internet (via email, social networking sites, etc.) For example, staff cannot be “friends” with Camper-Client’s on Facebook nor give out their Twitter username for them to “follow” them. Before signing this contract, staff must “un-friend” any Camper-Clients from his or her Facebook account and take similar measures on other social networking sites.
  • Postal Mail: Staff may have contact with Camper-Client through snail-mail once the camp has obtained permission from the Camper-Client’s family.
  • Other Interactions: Staff may call, text or meet in person with the Camper-Client once the camp has obtained permission from the Camper-Client’s family to do so.
  • To obtain permission for any interactions with a Camper-Client (postal mail, phone call, text message or meeting in person) the staff member may contact camp at The office will then contact the parents or guardians to seek permission & inform the staff member of whether or not permission is granted.


  1. Staff are not permitted to post any image of a Camper-Client on the internet, including the photos that are given to staff at the end of each summer by Camp Ouareau.
  2. Staff may post photos of Camp Ouareau’s site and/or staff and/or Women’s Weekend & Special Events Clients only if the photos are respectful to all individuals in the photos and also reflect on Camp Ouareau in a positive manner.
  3. Staff are not permitted to share any Camper-Client or Women’s Weekend & Special Events Client’s personal information (including names, age, contact information etc.) in any public or private forum (online or offline).


  1. Since Camp Ouareau is a company that works closely with children, staff are not permitted to wear or bring any items with “Ouareau” written on them to any event or establishment where minors are not permitted (i.e. bars, etc.)
  2. When wearing Ouareau clothing, staff act as Ouareau Ambassadors; thus, we ask that staff members use their good judgment in how their behaviour may reflect on the camp
  3. When referring to Camp Ouareau on public or private forums (online or offline) we ask that staff members use their good judgment to consider how their words may reflect on the camp.