Camp Events

Each session of camp has a different calendar of events to ensure that every week contains a variety of activities to appeal to all age groups and personalities.


Encouraging Sportsmanship

At Ouareau, we don't shy away from the idea of a healthy competition. Instead, we use it as a learning tool to promote both self-respect and respect for others: the goal isn't about winning, it's about trying your best and applauding those who do the same, whether they're your teammates or rivals on the field!

As well, our games are never just about running really fast, capturing the flag, and having your solo moment of glory. Because there are multi-faceted goals to each game, it means there's a role for everyone in the overall strategy.

Campers stay on the same team for the entirety of their session at Ouareau, either Matanak ("Mountain") or Sakhikan ("Lake"). These names were chosen from the Atikamekw language (for the Native Canadian tribe that once inhabited the land that Ouareau is on) to honour the beautiful natural environment that surrounds us.

Throughout their stay at Ouareau, campers can gain points for their team by passing levels at activities, participating in our morning Polar Bear dip, or winning camp-wide games. The competition remains heated throughout the summer, but at the end of each session we make sure to wrap things up with epic camp-wide games and a tabulation of the points to see which team gets the "bragging rights."


A number of times in a week, the camp will divide into its three age groups for the evening: Dekopi, Chipka, and Senior. The activities range from high-energy running games, to evenings with demonstrations of musical talent, to creative gameshows. Having the units divided for the evening means that campers get a chance to experience events that are a bit more tailored to their age level.


We still have many activities and ceremonies at Camp Ouareau that date back to its inception in 1922. At the opening and closing of each session, the whole community gathers around a campfire, either in our Lodge, as old as camp itself, or at our outdoor Magic View where we can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the lake. 

To open the session, all campers receive a crest with an emblem of Ouareau to represent the number of years that they have been with us, making them all members of the Ouareau community. To close, the best memories of camp are shared to help all of us remember the incredible time that we have had together.

Team-Building Time

At the beginning of each session, and once a week after that, campers get an opportunity to spend time with their bunk group, doing an activity prepared for them by their own counsellors. Whatever the activity, it is assured that much energy and thought has been put in by our staff to make sure that it is engaging and fun!

Rainy Day Events

A Ouareau girl is built to withstand the elements, so a little bit of rain will never deter her from the daily activities. Our programming team, however, is always secretly hoping for the day when the rain or thunder keeps us from the usual routine, because it means that they are able to present fantastic camp-wide activities to keep the campers and staff entertained indoors. Our Lodge and Dining Room provide ample space for the entire camp to participate.