The following form allows signatures to be collected for the following information:

  1. Staff Agreement
  2. Policy & Procedures
  3. ACT Program
  4. Professional Conduct Agreement

Note: please read over the sections above carefully and answer the questions in this form. Read each question fully before answering. Please fill this out within 48 hours of receiving your Staff Agreement via email

Your Name *
Your Name
Staff Agreement A) *
In accepting a place on the staff team of Camp Ouareau, I have read, understood, and accept the terms of my staff agreement
Staff Agreement B) *
In being a member of the 2018 Ouareau Staff Team, I agree to carry out the following: to perform my duties both as an activity staff and as a camper group counsellor. I understand that ALL staff have the potential to be needed at activities and that I may or may not be required to act as a camper group staff during any given session.
Staff Agreement C) *
For staff with POSITION OFFERED written as Resource/Crew: I agree to perform all the duties asked of me as a member of the Resource/Crew staff team. I understand that ALL Resource/Crew may be needed for a MINIMUM of two weeks to act as part of either the Kitchen or Maintenance Crew, and that this means I will not have a camper group for that session. I accept that Camp Ouareau’s Leadership Team reserves the right to make the decisions about where to place staff as Resource/Crew based on the needs of the campers during any given session, and that I may be needed as a Crew staff for more than the minimum period of time.
Policies & Procedures A) *
Will you abide by the Smoking, Alcohol and Non-Prescribed Drug policy stated in Camp Ouareau policy and procedures document for the duration of your Staff Agreement?
Policies & Procedures B) *
Will you abide by the staff conduct policy stated in Camp Ouareau policy and procedures document for the duration of your Staff Agreement?
Policies & Procedures C) *
Have you ever received any tickets or driving convictions while operating a motor vehicle? (If you hold a current and valid Driver’s License please provide a photocopy of that license.)
Policies & Procedures D) *
Do you have a past record or history of: being questioned in connection with child abuse/molestation, or abuse/molestation of any kind to anyone?
Policies & Procedures E) *
Will you abide by the Zero Tolerance policy of harassment as stated in the policy & procedures document?
Policies & Procedures F) *
I assert that I have read and understand each of the policies stated in the policy & procedures document.
Policies & Procedures G) *
Where I have been asked to give information or answer a question, I assert that the information and answers are true.
Policies & Procedures H) *
I agree to update any changes in this information with the Camp Ouareau office between now and the end of my Staff Agreement.
Policies & Procedures I) *
I agree to have all non-government, non-statutory charges that I incur deducted from my final paycheque or direct deposit (e.g. trading post charges)
ACT Program A) *
Do you understand the terms of the ACT Program?
ACT Program B) *
Will you agree to follow the terms of the ACT program for the duration of your Staff Agreement?
Professional Conduct A) *
I assert that I have read, understood, and will agree to the Camp Ouareau Professional Conduct Agreement.
Professional Conduct B) *
I am fully committed to live by the philosophies, principles, policies, expectations, and procedures outlined in the Staff Agreement, ACT program, Policies & Procedures, and Professional Conduct agreement documents and I understand that failure to comply with any of these may constitute grounds for dismissal or may risk future employment with or references from Camp Ouareau.
***Completion of this field will be treated as a handwritten signature***
Required for pay & tax purposes; if you do not have a Canadian SIN please write "DO NOT HAVE" in this box.
(If staff member is under 18 on or after the first day of the staff agreement) ***Completion of this field will be treated as a handwritten signature**
Today's Date *
Today's Date
Do you require a replacement uniform t-shirt? If yes, please indicate size on the next question.
Uniform T-Shirt Size
Each staff member is given a staff t-shirt to wear on certain days in the summer. Please indicate your size. T-shirts are unisex American Apparel v-necks. ***PLEASE ASK IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF SIZING INFORMATION***