Carlina Robinson — Head of Waterfront

First year at camp?

Last year was my first year at camp, and I loved it! I had never been to day camp, let alone sleep away camp. I was so nervous! Last summer I met so many great friends and had the chance to try some activities I had never had the chance to do. My first time putting a canoe in the lake, I fell in the water fully clothed with sneakers on! 

What are you  most excited about returning to camp for?

I'm most excited about returning to camp to see the rest of the staff and the campers again! I am looking forward to spending beautiful, sunny days down by the lake with the campers. I want the campers to learn to love the water as much as I do!

What's something you're into right now?

My dad and I started training for a 10km run in Ottawa. I still have a lot of work to do and it isn't always easy, but the competition between us is keeping us motivated.

Being a counsellor. Thoughts?

I LOVE being a counsellor. There is something so special about camp, and it brings everyone together.

Any last words?

I can't wait for camp! See you all soon!



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