Heidi Turcotte — Head Programmer

First year at camp?

2002: I was 8 and I was lucky enough to live in Bridge Tent for 2 weeks.

What are you most excited about returning to camp for?

I can't wait to work with a whole new programming team to create another magical summer for all of the campers. I'm also really excited to work with Chany & Christine to make sure our counsellors also have a great, formative summer worthy of their best memories! Of course, I can't forget to mention how happy I am to meet back good friends whom I don't have the chance to see during the school year, to build fires and to canoe on the lake.

What's something you're into right now?

I'm currently preparing a trip to Morocco for the month of May. I'll be going to a university in Casablanca for my studies, as well as doing a bit of tourism in the area!

Being a counsellor. Thoughts?

Probably the best of job; it gives us a day to day filled with fun and fulfillment in an environment where we have the chance to get to know ourselves better and to build lifelong friendships.


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