Katie McLaren — Head of Dance

First year at camp?

My first year at camp was 2007: I was a young Depoki who didn’t speak that much French. :)

What are you most excited about returning to camp for?

I am most excited to see all of the wonderful camp friends I have made over the years and to meet more great girls! I am also super excited to be teaching dance again this year and see what all the girls can learn over the summer. 

What's something you're into right now?

Right now I am on summer vacation, so I am watching a lot of wedding shows and started doing online shopping. Hehehe.

Being a counsellor. Thoughts?

I love being a counsellor! It is so fun to get to teach campers new things ever day. Camp gives you the chance to be yourself and brings out your goofy side. 

Any last word?

I am very excited for this summer and cannot wait for camp! 


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