Natasha Nardozza — Chipka Unit Head

First year at camp?

My first year at Ouareau was in 2010.. Can't wait to get my 5 year pin!

What are you most excited about returning to camp for?

I am so excited to see all of my Chipkas from last year, as well as meeting all of the new girls coming in!

What's something you're into right now?

Recently, I've been watching re-runs of old tv show comedies like I Love Lucy, The Three Stooges, and Johnny Carson!

Being a counsellor. Thoughts?

Being a counsellor means never feeling alone. Even in the most difficult moments, counsellors can always count on their campers to brighten their day, just as the campers depend on them.

Any last words? 

I cannot wait for Summer 2015! I know it will be a great one!



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