Samantha Lapin — Counsellor

First year at camp?

 I first came to camp in 2007 with my sister (I was a dekopi) and have been coming back every summer since!

What are you most excited about returning to camp for?

 I’m really excited to meet this year’s new campers! I love seeing how new faces are welcomed into the Ouareau community! And of course I’m looking forward to all the fun activities and games (even with the wacky weather!)

What's something you're into right now?

I’m really into cooking and baking! I’ve been following a few Youtube cooking channels (Japanese, Korean, Australian…) for a while and love to try making, and of course eating, all types of new foods!

Being a counsellor. Thoughts?

I’m really looking forward to being a counsellor for the first time. I was CIT last year but I can’t wait to spend a month with some amazing campers!

Any last word?

I’m really looking forward to my 9th year at Ouareau!



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