Camp Ouareau - an organization that pairs concrete learning opportunities, with unique leadership responsibilities in order to provide staff with career building skills that they can take with them, even after the summer is over.

Join an amazing team to have an unforgettable experience.

The hiring process at Ouareau has five parts, and it all begins once you upload your CV and complete our application form. Please read through our website before sending in your CV.


1- AVAILABILITIES: We send you an email asking for a few availabilities so as to set up an interview (in-person, if you live in Montreal; otherwise, on Skype)
2- INTERVIEW: We contact you with a date, time, and location of your interview. *Tip: to prepare for this interview, please read our Pre-Interview Guide (which we will send to you) and come with some questions you have about Ouareau.

Keep in mind that every staff member will be asked to complete 2-3 interviews depending on the position that she is applying for.

3- FOLLOW UP: Ouareau's hiring team will remain in contact with you after your interviews to keep you updated on your application status at Ouareau.

The Fine Print: Camp Ouareau is an all-girls, French and English residential camp. If you are not female, or if you do not have at least working knowledge of both French and English, then we might not be the right place for you. Try checking out the OCA and ACQ job boards!