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Date of Arrival
If by CAR:
Please let us know how many other staff members you could drive up to camp, and from where!
Please give us your ARRIVAL TIME in Montreal and FLIGHT/TRAIN number.
To get from Montreal Airport, Train Station, or Bus Station:
We try as much as possible to get you a lift with another staff; unfortunately our camp van cannot pick you up. If you cannot get a lift to camp then you take the airport bus to the central bus station and then take a bus to Ste.-Agathe-des-Monts; Montreal Central Bus station, 1717 Rue Berri (Berri-UQAM Metro Station) - call (514) 842- 2281 for information
I would like to volunteer at Open House Weekend!
Each year in June we invite old and new families to join us for a few hours, walk around camp and have a BBQ with us. We would love to have you up as well! Saturday, June 10th will be a work party day. We will be setting up camp for the Open House which happens on Sunday.
Please tell us how many spaces you would have in your car!