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Date of Arrival
If by CAR:
Please let us know how many other staff members you could drive up to camp, and from where!
Please give us your ARRIVAL TIME in Montreal and FLIGHT/TRAIN number.
To get from Montreal Airport, Train Station, or Bus Station:
We try as much as possible to get you a lift with another staff; unfortunately our camp van cannot pick you up. If you cannot get a lift to camp then you take the airport bus to the central bus station and then take a bus to Ste.-Agathe-des-Monts; Montreal Central Bus station, 1717 Rue Berri (Berri-UQAM Metro Station) - call (514) 842- 2281 for information
June 6th will be a work party day. We will be setting up camp for open house the next day. Each year on the first weekend of June we invite old and new families to join us for a few hours, walk around camp and have a BBQ with us. We would love to have you up as well!
I would like to volunteer at Open House Weekend!
Please tell us how many spaces you would have in your car!