Returning campers come early

To create a welcoming environment, returning campers arrive 2 hours earlier than new campers, so that they have time to work with our staff on how to make new campers feel welcome. Many families have noticed the positive impact this small act has on the start of our camp sessions.

Creating shared experiences from the start

Laughing and having fun starts almost immediately at Camp Ouareau. We foster team building experiences from the get-go so that campers feel comfortable and so that friendships develop early on.

Speaking up doesn't have to be scary

Girls are often afraid to share their opinions. It is imperative to us that we support campers to speak their minds. We do this by setting up community agreements with the campers which allow them to learn simply communication techniques that help with self expression.

What our campers are saying...

"You don't have to be anything but yourself, no self-consciousness required!"
          – Katie M, camper for 9 years

"The environment is set up really well, and I've never been afraid I wasn't good enough at Ouareau."
          – Nadine S, camper for 2 years

Community Communication

D iversity

A tmosphere

R espect

E steem

DARE Program

The DARE program gives campers a navigational tool to guide their interactions with peers. With the help of their counsellors, campers learn to use the following four questions when making decisions:

  • “Is this action accepting the DIVERSITY of others?”
  • “Is this action conserving Ouareau’s environmental ATMOSPHERE?”
  • “Does this action RESPECT the emotional and physical well-being of myself and others?”
  • “Is this action promoting positive self-ESTEEM?”

These questions are more than words on a page. Since the implementation of the DARE program, we have found that campers contribute to creating a physically and emotionally safe camp environment, and learn to better trust their own judgement.

Disconnect to reconnect


Without their headphones, cell phones, and the Internet, campers develop a true sense of independence and form strong connections within the camp community. Ouareau’s rustic environment also allows campers to experience what nature has to offer. Though there may be an initial adjustment period, campers quickly discover the freedom of disconnecting!


We have staff photographers capturing camp memories all around camp, so girls are free to live in the moment. In the fall, Ouareau sends out hundreds of photos, the end-of-session slideshow, and a video of the drama production from each session at camp – either in the mail on a DVD or electronically for our International campers.

Would like to bring your own camera? Please make sure they're ones with replaceable batteries or the disposable type, as we do not have anywhere for cameras to be recharged.


For travelling purposes, some campers may arrive at camp with electronics. These are kept safe in the camp office until their session is over.

Segment from CTV News on Ouareau's Unplugged Program.


Campers have the opportunity to write handwritten letters home, and either send them by post or, once a week, have them scanned & emailed to their parents. Parents can send emails anytime they like through our online service*, which will be printed out once daily and given out to campers with the rest of their mail.

All first-time Ouareau families can expect a phone call after their camper has been at camp for three days. Your daughter's Unit Head or our Client Care Coordinator will update you on how she's settling in.

* online email service will be available at this link as of 24 hours prior to your daughter's session at camp.